Our Chinese team helps manufacturers to provide professional quality products and offers complete solutions for cross-border goods, connecting North American companies, end-market demand, and timely feedback to help manufacturers quickly optimize product performance. We guarantee improved product sales and increased profits for your new North American brand.
North America:
Our North American team is here to help in three ways:
1.Established offices in key North American trade cities with experienced sales and marketing staff to accurately capture and respond to the needs of the end consumer.
2.A professional customer service centre to optimize the shopping experience by providing consumers with professional, fast, and uniform pre- and post-sales service.
3.Complete branding and marketing solutions for North American e-business platforms. along with the sales- and profit-driven operations of small and medium businesses or entrepreneurs.
Echello Distribution Fullfillment Center
Fufillment service and delivery service covers the main cities in North America and Echello offers 12-48 hours delivery for covered regions.